Paragon successfully launched multiple companies and maintains a consistent flow of businesses in development.

Harmony Biosciences

Harmony Biosciences (NASDAQ: HRMY) develops new treatment options for patients with sleep-wake disorders and other neurological conditions. The company received FDA approval for the first nonscheduled treatment for narcolepsy.

Emalex Biosciences

Emalex Biosciences is developing new treatments specifically for central nervous system disorders. It is in late-stage development of a new class of drug for patients with Tourette syndrome and other conditions that have limited treatment options.


Evozyne applies boundary-breaking biology that combines engineering and AI to develop transformative solutions in biotechnology and sustainability. The company is creating technology platforms with the power to improve human life.

Castle Creek Biosciences

Castle Creek Biosciences is a late-stage cell and gene therapy company developing treatments for skin, connective tissue and metabolic diseases. Castle Creek’s pipeline uses cutting-edge technologies that switch gene targets, creating optimal therapies for a broad range of genetic diseases.

CiRC Biosciences is pursuing life-changing regenerative medicines, with an initial goal of restoring vision lost to degenerative retinal diseases.

Qlarity Imaging is a privately held, AI-focused company. Qlarity assists radiologists in diagnosing breast abnormalities with its AI-driven technology, QuantX™.