Paragon was founded by Jeff Aronin with the mission to solve complex human and societal challenges by accelerating development of novel therapies and life science breakthroughs. We identify an unmet need, isolate a possible solution that has demonstrated proof-of-concept and then build a company around it.

Our companies are uniquely designed to maximize success in the complex world of advancing science and achieving results in regulated life science markets. We strive to help people live longer, healthier lives and to make the world a better place to live.


Paragon Biosciences invests in and launches innovative companies which develop critically-needed medicines. Paragon’s portfolio companies are managed by healthcare industry leaders and biotech entrepreneurs committed to delivering better outcomes.

Paragon’s leadership and management team have a strong track record at earning FDA approvals. Paragon puts its expertise to use to finance and launch innovative biotech companies and accelerate their scientific breakthroughs.