Accelerating Life Science Innovation

At Paragon, we believe the long-term solution for some of the most complex problems facing the world today is through accelerating science-driven innovation. Our revolutionary technologies, new medicines and breakthrough treatments are the key to solving human and societal challenges. To do this, we create, invest in and build life science companies in artificial intelligence, cell and gene therapy, synthetic biology and biopharmaceuticals.


At Paragon, we identify ideas and scientific innovations with the highest potential to change lives and improve our world. We apply capital, expertise, and strong support to ensure these discoveries reach people faster. As a result, Paragon and our portfolio companies are not only successful, but we are making measurable and meaningful contributions to society and the health care systems that we all rely on.

“Challenges which others have deemed unsolvable are the problems we are solving.”


Portfolio Companies

Since 2017, seven portfolio companies have been successfully launched, and we maintain a consistent stream of incubating companies.

Our current portfolio includes: