Featured Portfolio Companies

Harmony Biosciences

Harmony Biosciences (NASDAQ: HRMY) develops new treatment options for patients with sleep-wake disorders and other neurological conditions. The company developed and commercialized the first nonscheduled treatment for narcolepsy.

Emalex Biosciences

Emalex Biosciences is developing new treatments specifically for central nervous system disorders. It is in late-stage development of a new class of drug for patients with Tourette syndrome and other conditions that have limited treatment options.


Evozyne uses generative AI to design novel protein systems and develop treatments for diseases with high unmet medical needs.

Castle Creek Biosciences

Castle Creek Biosciences is a late-stage company developing re-dosable gene therapies. It is preparing to launch a pivotal clinical trial of its lead candidate, D-Fi, for patients with dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (DEB).

CiRC Biosciences is pursuing life-changing regenerative medicines, with an initial goal of restoring vision lost to degenerative retinal diseases.